59club Food offers contractors and operators objective insight & market leading software, which allows them to optimise their commercial operations.

With more than 10 years experience in the hotel & leisure industries, 59Club Food offers analytical customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopper audits and industry leading training.

We analyse each part of the customer journey, taking a holistic approach to better understanding their experience and how your team are performing. More importantly we will identify areas where your team may need support or where incremental revenue can be earned.

Any customer journey begins as they approach your venue & the first moment of truth is, having crossed the threshold, how they are greeted by one of your team.

This interaction can have a disproportionate impact on the overall experience and often sets the tone for the visit. Thus making your guests feel warm & welcomed in a friendly environment is paramount at the outset.

Your team bring your brand to life. Food quality is a given when your customers eat out. It is the total experience that defines their enjoyment and their likelihood to return.

Every member of the team has a role to play in making your customers feel welcomed. Equally it cannot be scripted, it is down to the individual and how they engage with each customer. There is a balance between being overly attentive and a casual, relaxed approach that puts guests at ease. Remember in some instances this will be a special occasion or event and your team can enhance that experience or dampen it.

Many factors contribute to making an attractive venue: lighting, temperature, sound, aroma, acoustics & that most important intangible, atmosphere.

Less can often be more, style is not an immediate concept, it evolves & develops like your culture.

Every fixture adds to building an overall fabric which will determine how your guests’ memories are created.

It might be a quirky tap fitting or a type of wood for the tables or chairs. Each detail is a component in helping you stand out as a venue. We at 59club Food analyse every detail of the customer experience from the soap dispenser in the washroom, to the gleam of the glasses and the polish on the table.

The quality of the food that you offer is a personal statement about your business and the passion within your team.

In recent times we have seen the challenges that operators have faced and continue to face, but one factor has never been compromised, the quality of the food.

Your team are responsible for delivering great food, served in a warm, welcoming and friendly manner and environment. We will analyse their performance in an objective but empathetic manner, which will deliver to you the tools to ensure that you are maximising the commercial opportunity from each and every one of your venues.

Value can be a subjective measure. How your team manage the process of payment and how they engage with your guests as they get up from the table leaves a lasting impression.

It is imperative that this facet of the journey is measured and we focus on five specifics to ensure that the last impression is as important as the first one.

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